The vintage and retro style is everywhere at the moment, people  are using it on their clothes, wallpapers, bags, website designs and even logos. There is an attraction and liking to the trend that makes every generation want to be apart of it.

Vintage logo designs use soft, neautral tones like tans and pinks, whilst retro logo designs are bright and sharper.  Both have an “old-fashioned” look-and-feel that will make the logo design pop.

Designers try to transport their audiences decades in to the past by using a range of textures , fonts and patterns that represent a vintage and retro time period in logo design. The perfect mix of cool typography, splash of colours, and texture are very effective in catching people’s attention.

For today’s showcase here are some great examples of cool vintage logos and sharp retro logos.

Johny Vodka

Volvo Logo

Tire Store Logo

Ghetto Blastta Records

Casino Lemonade

United States Postal Service

Doll House

Heartland Electric

Westside Bagels and Deli

Zero Zero Hair Salon

Let It Grow Organik

Auto Detailer

Giardini Dopo La Pioggia

Fun In The Run

Bump And Hustle


Black Coffee

Fishing Point

The Design Superhero

Vintage Baseball Logo

Mixed Threads