With the introduction of new kids Google+ and Subjot to the Social Mediascape, critics were sure Twitter would take a huge hit and, at worst, be overshadowed completely. The reality is that Twitter is loved, prolific in its support and integration and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Fresh, new tools continue to find new and creative ways to help us manage Tweets and become better Twitter pros. Below are some of the most interesting and useful to gain some buzz in recent months, all with a unique purpose and outstanding design.


The Archivist


The Archivist will take a term you give it and create an archive of relevant Twitter data. The archive is displayed using neat little visualizations for getting a grip on tweet volume over time, top users and keywords. A tidy list of recent tweets on your topic is displayed at the bottom. Archives can be saved and are automatically updated. This is an excellent tool for bloggers, number crunchers or anyone interested in SEO.


 InboxQ for Twitter

InboxQ takes the addictive popularity of Q&A websites and integrates it with Twitter, allowing you to ask or answer questions by typing in a full question, topic or keyword. This is a great way to gain insights for a specific project or generate a little exposure for your expertise.

There is even a Chrome extension to get a quick answer or insight from anywhere.



It can be tempting to chat with friends over Twitter, especially when you are connected with your mobile, but doing so creates one-way conversation in your stream that can annoy your followers. Nurph solves this problem by giving you a free chat channel that is customized to match your Twitter profile and allows you to connect with friends and followers for real-time chat that won’t flood your stream. Type the name of your Twitter account in to the Nurph home page to get started.



dlvr.it is a new service for syndicating your blog or RSS feed instantly to Twitter and other social networks without the need for a plugin or widget. It includes support for hashtags, scheduling, bit.ly and Feedburner. If formatting is a concern, you can customize the look and feel of your posts, or even setup rules for adding, removing or replacing specific text prior to syndication.



Twilerts lets you setup keyword or hashtag  searches containing specific brands, services, competitors, names, topics or virtually anything else and delivers relevant content digests directly to your inbox. Searches can be targeted to specific locations, making this a great market research tool, whatever your profession.




Commun.it is a promising new app currently in Beta that analyzes Twitter accounts connected to you and creates a detailed Dashboard showing you which individuals are the most interactive with you, the most influential and the most supportive. It includes detailed analytics and insights to help you discover new leads and to build a strong community of users who value you or your products. Once this tool is open to the public, it will be invaluable for discovering who is talking about you or your brand, who they interact with and engaging them from directly within the Dashboard.


Nimble CRM

Nimble is a lightweight CRM application for managing contacts and activities, with a focus on Social Media. By connecting your Twitter account, you can import users and manage your stream from within the clean and user-friendly interface. Once you import your email contacts, Nimble will even help you find new people to follow by providing links to your contact’s social network profiles directly from the contact page.

Nimble supports global activity updates, Twitter tweet scheduling and email-like private message and @mentions management. It is an excellent solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want a single interface for managing their social activities, leads and tasks. Even better, you can invite team members or use their API for integrating Nimble into your website, and it is all free.