As a fan of photography and excited photographer I love in my free time when I don’t design to take my car and go to a peaceful place, where nobody hear me, nobody need me, a place where I can stay and listen the nature and take a good healthy breath. A place, far away from city where I take pictures of all alive creatures and flowers around me.

I love macro photography because it gives you the option to see the creatures or any other flowers details that you don’t normally see with your eyes. In photography you can reflect your feelings; any feeling that you have when you make a photo, it’s reflected in it. In macro photography these feelings are emphasized and have a bigger impact to the persons that are looking on the photo. You can catch a lot of details in a macro photography, details that will amaze you. An example would be a leaf after a rain; if you make a photo to it you will see the water drops, prolonging over it.

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Photo the world’s creatures in action

Here it’s a great macro photo that will let you with the mouth wide opened and will definitely impress you! The photographer had a unique chance, that comes once in a life, to see the creatures how they collaborate, communicate and also how they act in nature. He took advantage of this chance and took a briliant picture of 3 creatures in nature. Look at the high quality details of the butterfly or the little bug in the bottom side and it’s little legs that keeps it up. Also you can see the snail eyes. Through macro photography you can feel the creatures, how they act and also feel there freedom.

Photo by dralik

You can do it!

Some photos can encourage you, make you optimistic and to believe in your powers that you can make it in any situations! This is a great example  of photo that can make you smile and believe more in your powers.

Photo by kyokosphotos

You did it!

This is the continuation of the previous image where this little ladybug made through all it’s problems and now it’s free to fly!

You can interpret photos in different ways, depending on the mood in the moment you see it. It’s really hard to make a briliant photo, to take these creatures in action.

Photo by kyokosphotos

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