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40 Inspiring vector portaits

40 Inspiring vector portaits

Adobe Illustrator can do only vectors. So, why do not create vector portraits / ladscapes from real photos ? In adobe illustrator you can create all kind of objects with a lot of wonderful effects, one more real than the other! The secret of vector portrait it`s very simple and I think that any designer knows:

-you take a picture with a portrait, put it on computer, drag in illustrator and start using pen-tool to draw every detail and then add colors. Then you make the touches like: light effects, shadows etc, to look more realistic and high quality!

I took some very nice vector portraits made by known or less known designers. I think it`s a great idea to start making some portraits because you improve your skills in adobe illustrator and you will see more easly and faster the details from any picture and graphic. More important, you will learn how to draw shadows and light effects to look realistic and eyescatching.

Click on the image to redirect you to designer profile.

Self Portrait 2
by *cLos71

my first illustrator project
by ~iCEbLuEorBiTz

the arabian nigh
by ~mart-art

My self portrait in vector
by ~Furtado

Vector Portrait
by ~Pyrosity

Vector Portrait
by ~SkyIllusion

David Archuleta Portrait
by ~MolaproAndrew

Portrait of a young man
by *cLos71

by =nancy-kelpie

Self-Portrait – Vector
by ~harlequingrins

Portrait of the Artist
by ~Fatricio

Lunamaria Cosplay- Vector Art
by ~firewolf826

Portrait of July
by ~mcdf

Vector Self-portrait
by *eternal-drift

Dancing Queen
by ~Fatricio

Obama Mask
by ~schwa242

Vector Lee
by ~illivate

Vector Self-Portrait
by ~ShoulderDemon

patrick vector portrait
by ~ayongski

Rafaela Ardanaz
by ~krisagon

Self Portrait
by ~gavwoodhouse

Bedroom Eyes
by *mftalon

Dalai Lama Vector
by ~LuigiLA

Angelina Jolie
by ~micoolitz

by ~eveahh

Class Portrait
by ~Duchess-Hunter

ohn Paul Jones in concert
by =cblair

by ~scabbed-doll

Matt Hughes – Vector Portrait
by ~NMRosario

Jaime Pressly
by ~itailu

Self Portrait
by ~Nuka-the-Goofy

Vector Work 01
by ~pieskiis

Bruce Lee
by ~CrazyYetCool

by ~Ludwig1300

MF in vector replay
by ~kelso-san

A Portrait of Jim
by *donpedicinijr

The Weeping Song
by *artemisa-69

..::Eddie Murphy::..
by ~ArtApparent

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I`m a freelancer from Romania specialized in: Logo design, Stationary/Business cards design, Icon design, Vectors and the founder of


  1. Wow! These are all awesome!!!

    Bruce Lee and Eddie Murphy!

  2. Hey nice collection you´ve here :D you just inspired myself to make so auto vector portrait!!! let see if i can do it before christmas :D

  3. @kimistry101
    @designi1 – Glad that I inspired you and woke up yout curiosity.
    This is what I want with this blog: to inspire everyone and help them designing.

    Thank you very much

  4. Some of these are AMAZING (the jamie presley one specifically) but other ones are just – eh..

    ADobe has a live trace option and it can make really details vector graphics from illustrator with no talent needed.. You can tell some of these are made using that.. others were def. amazing

  5. some are very good… some are very amateur. Overall a great post. I’m working on one right now, and I’ve gotten a few ideas from seeing the different styles here.

    Here is my most recent…

  6. Gotta learn one of these.

  7. Wow some amazing illustrations!

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