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35 Movie poster designs inspiration

35 Movie poster designs inspiration

As a designer you see everything with different eyes. When you watch TV and you see advertises to different companies or products first thing you do is to critique the logo (involuntary) and also critique the company by it’s logo; or you start critique the advertise and say if it’s good or rubbish (I personally do so). When you walk at the street and look to the right, to the left or in front of you everywhere you see different advertises, shops, movie posters etc. So everywhere you look you see and critique in your mind any design of poster printing.

Let’s get inspired by the next movie poster collection!

Taste the Blood of Dracula - Movie Poster


The Dark Knight Poster - Click to View Extra Large Image

Mirrors Movie Poster

Rescue Dawn Movie Poster Film Poster

The Simpsons Movie, poster Wallpapers

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  1. Great collection. You should check out for
    more inspiration :-)

  2. Thank you Ismael Burciaga :) glad that you liked it.

  3. Really love these poster,thanks a lot!

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