Every event has to be promoted online, on tv or on the street so he become more popular and reach as much members as possible. Any of these posters has to be as much attractive as possible because they have to attract the eyes, to make people turn on it and read the informations needed.

The typography has to be from the biggest to smallest depending on the importance of details. For example what event it’s sponsored, what show it’s promoted has to be the biggest and then the location of it.

You have to user the colors harmonious to be eye-catching, not to disturb the eye and also to be hard to read or look at it. Has to be very welcoming , warm and impress the eye. Don’t forget, the most interesting and unique poster design will attract most of the people that are interested.

It’s very important to use the elements to describe the event so you understand from the design what’s about it. For example if it’s a design showcase presentation where will be popular designers you have to implement interesting designs compilations, to make all the designers put the eye on the cheap poster printing. It has to be written big and the text integrated with the graphics used in your poster. You should integrate the text very well so the people will see the design and automatically will read the information needed unconsciously.

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