The need to buy and sell online has never been so popular, despite the financial recession and stress on our economy. Customers want a quick and easy shopping experience and online merchants want to target them by showcasing their products on their site.

But the balance between great usability and design is usually something that Ecommerce sites struggle to get right. They have a reputation of being ugly full of pages crammed with products and big bright annoying banners. These traits were okay but with the demand of Ecommerce increasing there is more competition between online shops, with the need to attract more customers.

Evolving technology and the ever increasing speed of the web has allowed simple templates and structures to improve Ecommerce site layout and design. A great Ecommerce website design can not only improve your customer’s journey through your site but it can help make your offers and products more attractive.

Ecommerce website design now feature small accents and patterns that represent a brand and matches the character of products, the contemporary elegant look has never been so popular. So for today’s showcase we have a collection of amazing Ecommerce website designs for your inspiration.

Free People

Free People looks really different compared to its online clothing competitors, automatically captivating audiences with their design of an elaborate background and great use of texture. The elegant design features a simple layout of products. Each product page contains a simple product description and a great selection of professional photographs.

Heart Breaker Fashion

This is a 50’s and 60’s inspired fashion store. The vintage website theme continues on to the product pages, mixing pastel tones with eye catching retro textures. The website really captures the elegance and beauty of each product.

Bohemia Design

The cool blue tone and nice typography captures the spirit of bohemian clothing, it makes the design of the website unforgettable. The use of texture is subtle and allows small details such as the telephone number to be clearly defined.

The navigation is tidy, with categories neatly grouped together and the product pages have a clear description. The overall shopping experience is simple and pleasant.


Gucci display their products in a nice horizontal gallery, on the same page, when you hover over a product another navigation option will appear: “Details” this is a great example of a context-sensitive navigation.

Xtreme Mac

As soon as you enter the Xtreme Mac website you are hit with a simple yet eye catching grid of products, the grid of products has a fun and colourful effect of expanding cells with lots other innovative features. The impressive design helps the customer to enjoy their shopping experience and will make them want to buy a product. This is a key formula and the goal of Ecommerce.

Patrik Ervell

One of the reasons why some people do not shop online is because they are not sure what the product will look like when worn.

Patrik Ervell has tried to find an innovative way to make the products they sell look real when displayed on their site. They have created a category page featuring a flash video of clothes modelled. This gives customers a real idea of what the clothes will look like when worn. The interaction and communication helps to target customers, making them stop and stare for a few moments. This is a new take on Ecommerce design.


They are the bag and protective case maker, what immediately caught my attention was the great use of white space and home page structure. It’s easy to complicate a website design when selling products for electronics so it is refreshing to see Incase using a simple website that has a contemporary edge.

Little Zebra

The little Zebra is an online shop that specialises in accessories and clothes for ‘trendy kids’. As soon as you enter the site the hand writing typography and the playful bright colours remind us of a playroom, it is as if they are trying to talk to kids directly. This can give additional enjoyable user familiarity.


The Threadless website displays creativity in their t-shirt design through the product photos. A particular culture kept intact.


This sleek and stylish website visually sums up Apple’s mantra, simplicity and fun. The layout and design of the product pages is neat with crisp photography. Apple has a ‘Tech Spec’ separate page for each of its products, this makes the information easier to digest and scannable.

Apple have created innovative looking website that will make anyone want to buy one of its products.

Abercrombie & Fitch

The Abercrombie and Fitch website  has a dark colour scheme and large sharp images. These are distinctive features that make the store as classy as the brand.



You may have to look twice at this website, when you do you will notice its chic, subtle touches. The most creative section is the product page. When you click on the image of the product it allows you to see inside, this lets the customer know the kind of texture and quality they are receiving. The website uses an elegant design with a typographic logo that stands out immediately.

Organic Supermarket

The organic supermarket is designed to look like the inside of a shop. There are happy customers buying products, this gives new visors an opportunity to see what the company is all about. The natural brown and green colour scheme reflects organic produce; with the realistic textured grass suggests the company only sell fresh of produce. This website is a reflection of the new and innovative ideas to showcase products in Ecommerce.



The baby pink tones and subtle textures make this sock shop fun, stylish and eye catching. A colour palette is created with the colour ordered socks, this is a great way to help customers find what they are looking for.


This amazing website is definitely in a league of its own. It is evident that Converse have brought their own niche in to Ecommerce. The dark backgrounds on the product pages let the products brighten the entire mood and tone of the website. Made from flash, it loads quickly and is simple to browse making a customer’s experience cool and pleasant.